Jouw communicatieve bijdrage vereenvoudigt onze fulfilmentprocessen

You, as the owner of a webshop, can make a major contribution to simplifying our fulfillment processes. Creating simplicity and clarity are central to being able to ‘relax’, and thus simplify, our fulfillment processes. This ultimately works in both your and our favor. In this blog we give you a number of useful tips that you can implement, with which you ultimately help us and yourself!


‘A company stands or falls with communication’. A well-known saying, for all of us. In a certain sense also true, if we relate it to the provision of information for a fulfillment company. We discuss it below in the broadest sense of the word.

Placing a purchase order
In our fulfillment portal we offer you various options with regard to managing your (product) environment. For example, you can place a purchase order. If you post this, we will immediately receive a notification. We always emphasize to our customers to complete the purchase order as completely as possible (including exceptional cases or certain preconditions, if applicable).

Also, place the purchase order well in advance. So well before you expect your products to be delivered to us. Thanks to your cooperation, we are able to plan people and equipment more accurately and we are not faced with any unexpected surprises.

characteristics We always want to fine-tune and simplify processes in which many actions are performed at the same time, such as the receipt process. The one specific action that takes the most time and therefore hinders progress is bottlenecks. We always want to avoid those bottlenecks.

A practical example of a bottleneck is that an outer box containing various consumer packages does not have a barcode. This means that each outer box must first be unpacked, the consumer packaging must be scanned in order to subsequently register the receipts. Not effective, right?! This can be easily remedied by providing the outer box with a barcode. The barcode of the outer box then ‘represents’ the consumer packaging contained in the outer box, speeding up the receipt process. ‘How can the barcode on the outer box be linked to the products in the outer box?’ A valid question that can spring up, but it can be answered quickly. In our smart warehouse management system we can assign multiple barcodes to one product.

Product characteristics
If you sell products that consist of several components (a composite product), we see each component as one product. We make it a requirement that every product is provided with a barcode. As a result, we are able to scan each individual product in the purchase order, which we opened while scanning the receipts. The barcode is also important for stock management. Each component can therefore be assigned to a location, which eliminates the risk of components being lost or lying in an unknown location.

Your contribution really counts!
We only mentioned three tips, but three very important ones. Hopefully we have been able to provide you with sufficient insight into which changes you could make with regard to your products. Are you already doing the above? Great, keep it up! Have any questions arisen as a result of these tips or do you want an answer to other practical questions related to this topic? Then please contact us.